June 18-July 20, 2018

Summer Intensive Audition Dates

The Next Generation Ballet (NGB) staff is diverse with extensive backgrounds at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, National Ballet of Cuba and The School of American Ballet. They are committed to preparing young dancers for employment by building a technical base that is physically sound and a stylistic approach that is refined, yet adaptable to either a Balanchine or Russian based dance company. NGB has coached many young dancers to international ballet competition medals and to professional employment with companies including New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Zurich Ballet and many
Guest faculty members supplement the
full-time staff each week and the schedules adjust to best take advantage of individual specialties.

Summer faculty includes:

Philip Neal, Artistic Director of Next Generation Ballet (Weeks 1-5)
Ivonne Lemus, NGB Ballet Mistress (Weeks 1-5)
Laurie Jones, PCYB Principal (Weeks 1-5)
Susan Downey, Lead Tap and Jazz Teacher (Jazz) (Weeks 1-5)
Kelly King, Lead Contemporary Teacher (Contemporary) (Weeks 1-5)

Elizabeth Smedley
Gabriella Yudenich 
Giselle Guillen
Tatiana  Cater
Svetlana Datseva
Nestor Garcia
Julio Montano

2018 Guest faculty

2018 guest faculty include Edward Villella and Kyra Nichols.

Week 1:
Olga Kostritzky
Christopher Higgins
Andrew Carroll
Brandon Ragland
Week 2:
Kyra Nichols
Edward Villella
Andrew Carroll
Brandon Ragland
Week 3:
Jennifer Howard
Kendra Andrews
Brandon Ragland
Week 4:
Patricia Delgado
Reyneris Reyes
Brandon Ragland
Week 5:
Julie Miles
Brandon Ragland

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