June 17-July 19, 2019

Summer Intensive Audition Dates
Summer-Intensives/Dorms-Meal-Plan philip with boysNext Generation Ballet boarding students stay within dorm style housing with resident assistants on an average of a 10 to 1 ratio. Two, Three and Five-week students will reside at the Barrymore Hotel Tampa Riverwalk. The hotel is conveniently located across the street from the Patel Conservatory. Additionally, students are offered movie nights and educational seminars on week nights and theme park excursions on Sundays.

Bus transportation is provided for Next Generation Ballet students who are staying in housing to and from the Patel Conservatory, our nearby sister campuses and excursions.

Boarding students are served dinner on arrival day and breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday. Sundays only breakfast is served because many students will be away on the excursion. Students will need to bring extra money to purchase excursion meals. If any student chooses to stay at the dorm instead of attending the excursion, she or he must bring extra money to eat at local restaurants nearby. Two-Week students will get breakfast and lunch only on departure day, Saturday. Three-Week and Five-Week students are responsible for all meals on departure day.

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