Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Farewell Play Tour

Feb 06, 2019 - Feb 07, 2019

Madea’s Farewell Tour poster

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Actor, playwright, filmmaker and comedian Tyler Perry has announced the final stage tour for his beloved character “Madea” with Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Farewell Play Tour.

Perry’s inspirational journey from the hard streets of New Orleans to the heights of Hollywood's A-list is the stuff of American legend. Born into poverty and raised in a household scarred by abuse, Perry fought from a young age to find the strength, faith and perseverance that would later form the foundations of his much-acclaimed plays, films, books and shows. Perry practices what he preaches, and what he preaches has endeared him to millions of fans drawn by that unique blend of spiritual hope and down-home humor that continues to shape his inspiring life story and extraordinary body of work.


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