Music Department Ensemble Auditions

Music classes that are holding auditions:

Chamber Orchestra Intensive
Repertory Orchestra
Summer Band
Jazz Intensive
Choral Intensive
Vocal Arts: Patel-A-Cappella
Rock School


Summer Auditions

SAT • MAR 3 • 1PM
SAT • APR 7 • 1PM
SAT • MAY 5 • 1PM

RSVP is required. For more information, or to RSVP for a 10-minute time slot, please contact the music department at


Audition Requirements:

♦ Chamber Orchestra, Repertory Orchestra, and Summer Band — prepare two short, contrasting pieces and scales. Students may be asked to sight-read.
♦ Choral Intensive and A Cappella — prepare 16 bars of an art song, folk song, or musical theater song and provide sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. Students may be asked to sight-read.
♦ Jazz Intensive — prepare one short piece that best represents you and scales. Students may be asked to improvise and/or sight-read.
♦ Rock School — prepare a piece that showcases your ability and aptitude to function in a Rock Band setting. Drums, keyboard and amps are provided, but student must bring a guitar or bass if auditioning on those instruments.
Video auditions for summer programs are being accepted through GetAcceptd    acceptd-logo-green.png

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