Testimonials_new.jpg"Our decision to get behind this institute in its infancy has blossomed in to a garden that we never imagined. Enormous energy is visible and the talents are tapped by great teachers and volunteers that makes it all worthwile. An artery that reaches the heart of performing arts."
- Pallavi and Kiran Patel

"The show was tremendously entertaining because of the excellent direction and talents of the whole team. They brought the best out of all the students in the cast. My daughter grew so much in her skills and her confidence and made some wonderful friends. The whole experience was fun, challengng and rewarding."
- Patel Conservatory musical theater parent

"We continue to be very impressed with the quality and format of the shows, the classes and instructors at the Conservatory. Your passion for the arts and your genuine care for the students is so evident and obvious."
- Patel Conservatory music parent

"Last night at home I watched my daughter dancing to the music from her music box. I was so impressed with the grace, technique and control she had learned in the short amount of time dancing at the Patel Conservatory. I can't express how happy I am with the instruction she is receiving."
- Patel Conservatory dance parent

"I just wanted to thank you for your time, guidance, support, scholarships and incredible training that you have invested in my son. Every day as I drive to the Conservatory, or watch him practice at home, we express in our conversations how thankful we are for the opportunities you have given him, and our lives proudly revolve around his ballet training. Everyone at the Conservatory has been incredibly supportive, we are overwhelmed with appreciation, and a mere "thank you" seems inadequate, but it comes from our hearts."
- Patel Conservatory dance parent

"All three of my children have participated in music, dance and theater at different levels over the last 7 years. What has always impressed me the most is how fast my children progress in such a short amount of time. They walked into a piano camp at the beginning of the week not knowing chop sticks to being able to perform a complex piece at the end of the session. Theater and dance will put on shows that most studios take a whole year to accomplish. My shy child has stood on stage and performed in front of an audience. It is a creative place to escape and pretend you are a star!"
- Wendy Hartmann

"To me, the Patel Conservatory is a place where you can truly grow and be yourself as an artist, no matter what your age or background experience. Not only is it a great privilege to be among people who are so dedicated to the fine arts, but it's also an inspiration to take classes with the teachers. They love their students and have so much experience. Thanks, Patel, for making learning a fun, memorable and most of all, high-class experience! It's an opportunity I'll always be grateful for having."
- Brittany, Patel Conservatory adult student

"My daughter took a ballet workshop from the Patel Conservatory during the late fall season and she absolutely loved it!  She said the instruction was top notch and even though it was a packed house; she got plenty of individual attention. She also said the caliber of the dance students from the Conservatory participating was impressive. My daughter is a hard nut to crack too; so imagine my surprise when she had nothing but good things to say about the Patel Conservatory and the staff. Personally, we have had nothing but great interactions with all of the administration helping us make her attending a summer intensive possible. Thanks again  for everything you have done for my daughter and we look forward to participating in your summer intensive next year!"
- Ana M. Winn

“It gives people our age an idea of what it feels like to be in a big production, I just love being at the Patel Conservatory. Whenever I leave, I can’t wait to come back.”
- Caileigh Potter, Patel Conservatory student

"My daughter began attending classes at the Patel Conservatory with a beginners acting class. She thoroughly enjoyed it and gained the confidence to audition for their summer production of Seussical where she earned the role of one of the Who's. Aunalisa has gained confidence in herself as well as finding an outlet for her creativity from the classes and summer programs offered by the Patel Conservatory. This year she took the Musical Theater classes which has done an amazing job of teaching her skills in every area of musical theater. As a parent I love seeing my daughter excited to put in the hard work. I also appreciate the care and professionalism from every teacher as well as every staff member I have had contact with at Patel Conservatory."
- Cara Kriz

"I believe artists need to be surrounded by like-minded people in a nurturing and wholesome environment as a recipe for success; if I could I would be at the Patel Conservatory everyday!  Thank you in advance for your continued appreciation for instructing adult dancers as we have challenging schedules and responsibilities with ever-growing interests and need for growth as life-long artists."
- Lisa Anne Lepak, Patel Conservatory adult student

"Patel is not a stepping stone, it is an elevator."
- Patel Conservatory student commenting on student progress

"I appreciate the professionalism that the Patel Conservatory staff bring to the classrooms and performances. I find this professionalism has set a high standard which challenges the students to match that level achieving a higher and higher level for themselves. My daughter is in the ballet program. This intensive program has challenged her and continues to do so. The challenge has invited her enthusiastic participation and has helped her grow and improve. I've been to many student performances for ballet, theater and music and I'm always, always impressed with the quality of performance and also with the improvement of the students from show to show which tells me the teaching staff is knowledgeable and good at teaching."
- Vicki Town

“Patel Conservatory is evidently, and profoundly, mission driven.”
- Quality Assurance Review team for Patel Conservatory

"My daughter was in her first ballet class at the Conservatory last summer.  I can't tell you how much she loved it! Although only 8 weeks long, she talked about it for nearly 8 months! As soon as the brochure came in the mail, she started talking about it again. Needless to say we have enrolled her in the Ballet class again this summer. With so many dance studios and so many activities for children, the Patel deserves a pat on the back for engaging and inspiring a 3 year old to remember what an incredible time she had at dance and want to go back to only that dance studio! Thanks for being there for my daughter again this summer!"
- Jennifer Tavano
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