Dr. Jay and Ann McKeel Ross Art Exhibit

We are grateful to fine art collectors and aficionados, Dr. Jay and Ann McKeel Ross, for their generous gift of world-renowned visual art from their personal collection.  The collection is displayed in Morsani Hall and throughout the campus as a gift to the community. The 54-piece collection features some of the greatest visual art in the world. 

Arakawa - The Sharing of the Nameless
Arakawa - The Sharing of the Nameless
Oscar Bailey - Plant City
Virginia Bradley - Untitled
Chuck Close - Georgia/Fingerprint 1
Susan Cooksey - Untitled
Harrison Covington - Yellow Arch
Lesley Dill - Poem Dress of Circulation
Jim Dine - The Robe Goes to Town
Jim Dine - Black and White Blossoms
Alexa Favata - Both of Us Must Be Deadly
Mark Feingold - Untitled
David Frye - Nightfall
Robert Gelinas - Door Passage
Robert Gelinas - Untitled (1)
Robert Gelinas - Untitled (2)
Robert Gelinas - Window 1
Lois Gilbert - Untitled
Robert Gordy - Female Head
Nancy Graves - Canoptic Prestidigitation 
Mary S. Hennessy - Untitled
George Holzer - Two Color Photographs
Gladys Kashdin - Dragonfly
Gladys Kashdin - Dragonfly #2
Jeff Kronsnoble - Box 
Jeff Kronsnoble - Untitled
Bruce Marsh - Untitled (grass and water)
Allan McCullum - Land of Shadow and Substance
Susan McDonough - Green Bathrobe
Joseph Mills - Blue Streak
Hugh O'Donnell - Sign of the Tiger
Jim Oliver - Untitled
George Pappas -Teeth
George Pappas - Tattoo
George Pappas - Restoring the Magus
Robert Rauschenberg - Made in Tampa 2
Robert Rauschenberg - Made in Tampa 12
James Rosenquist - Discover Graphics
James Rosenquist - Pale Cradle
James Rosenquist - The Prickly Dark
Don Saff - Untitled
Mary Sahlberg - Bugscreen with Moths
Mary Sahlberg - Creation Revisited
Herb Snitzer - Fusion Cuba/USF
Miriam Shapiro - Children of Paradise
Keith Sonnier - Meridian Codex: Print One
Cal Sparks - Untitled
Dan Stack - Charon
Robert Stackhouse - Blue Encounterings
Robert Stackhouse - Red Encounterings
Mark Stock - Shovel
Donna Traweek - Untitled
Segei Volkov - To See it Once is Better than to Hear it 100 Times
Theo Wujcik - Gorge
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