Until September 2017
Fine art collectors and aficionados Dr. Jay and Ann McKeel Ross display select pieces of their personal collection in Morsani Hall as a gift to the community. The pieces change each September, creating a one-year public exhibit of some of the greatest visual art in the world. This year’s gallery features:
Bob Gelinas-Untitled
Don Saff-Untitled
Jim Dine-Black and White Blossom
Nicholas Krushenick-Untitled
Jim Dine-Robe Goes to Town
Nicholas Krushenick-Untitled
Nicholas Krushenick-Untitled
Nicholas Krushenick-Untitled
James Rosenquist-Discover Graphics Smithsonian
Robert Rauschenberg-Made in Tampa Two
Robert Rauschenberg-Made in Tampa Eleven
Hugh O’Donnell-Sign of the Tiger
Lynn Ash-Pheasant
Miriam Shapiro-Children of Paradise       
Robert Rauschenberg-Made in Tampa Twelve   
Chuck Close-John II
Chuck Close-John I          
Nancy Graves-Canoptic Prestidgitation
Robert Stackhouse-Red Encounterings
Robert Stackhouse-Blue Encounterings
James Rosenquist-Iris Lake
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